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Happy Easter everyone

Im sorry I’ve been pretty quite this year. I’ve had a lot going on family wise. Anyway I don’t want to burden you with the knitty gritty details. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter no matter what your doing. I’m going to try and fit some sewing in. 


We managed to survive this awful pandemic. As we’ve entered 2022, opening up tomorrow look out for new kits coming soon, also I have a few ideas up my sleeve. You may have noticed I’ve changed some of the pages by putting by colours to help you find what your looking for. 
What are your plans for lingerie sewing this year. I shall tell you mine. I’m hoping to renew some of my lingerie, especially nightwear. I want to experiment on drafting again.  Don’t know if it will go anywhere time will tell. I do like to test myself doing new things. 
 Anyway enough of me rattling on. I will let you all get back to your sewing. 

What is seam tape & how to use

Seam tape is a sheer nylon fabric either cut rigid cut on the bias. 
The way I have found to sew this tape. I sew the seam that needs the tape first then I sew over the seam just sewn with the right edge of the seam tape just going into the seam allowance. Very carefully trim the excess fabric of the main fabric as close to the stitching line. Then with the seam tape facing you stitch to the side that covers the seam. I use the stitching line as a guide so the stitching is the same width all the way down the seam. You can now trim the excess of the seam tape to the seam if required. This is the way I have found it works for me. There are probably different ways that it can be done. 

The Great Bra Sewing Bee

What a fantastic weekend with the Bra Sewing Bee. I’ve always said we are all learning and true to form I’ve learnt new things. Well worth watching. It’s fantastic that ladies from around the globe get together and share what they know, what works for them, what doesn’t. I’m hoping to implimentb some of the things I’ve learnt. There not forced to work for me but I love trying new procedures I learn along the way. 
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