Published on 6 July 2021 at 17:50



I get really frustrated with the way ready to wear measuring system  and put clients into the wrong size bras. They measure and offer what they think will fit mmmm we are not all the same. That is why we need to look at the shape of our breast to find out what shape we are to get a wire to fit. There are many different wires depending on the manufacturer, balcony, classic, vertical, plunge, rocker, demi to name a few. Why do we need to get a wire to fit first? If we don’t we will end up with a bra that can be a ill fit. Change a wire into a wire that fits your breast shape can be all you need with no alterations to the bra cup pattern. Sometimes we still need to do alterations to the cup not always. We need to do one alteration at a time.
Designers take different measurements depending on the system they use. Read how they tell you to measure to get your starting point.

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3 years ago

Brilliant post wires are so important as I've found out! 😁