Let’s talk bra linings

Published on 20 June 2021 at 07:37


Let’s talk about bra fabric linings and their uses.

Why do we need to line a bra. If using a stretch lace you will need to strengthen the lace to give support.

There are two different rigid linings that I know of. Sheer cup lining is the more well known lining. It’s sheer but  strong will give good support to a bra. Bra sheer cup lining is 20 denier nylon that is incredibly strong. It is used either just as a lining under stretch lace, or doubled for a sheer looking  bra. When using sheer cup lining as a liner under lace. Cut as a normal pattern for both sheer cup lining and lace. Trim 2 or 3 mm off the lace pieces. This will ship the cup bagging or wrinkling. Stretch the lace to the sheer cup lining when sewing up.

40 Denier bra lining.

40 denier bra lining is heavier than sheer cup lining. The 40 denier lining has a shiny side and Matt side. The shiny side goes towards the skin. It gives a luxurious feeling.

If using a rigid fabric you don’t necessarily need to line a bra. If you decide to you can use a stretch fabric. I have just come across a new fabric made in Italy Bilight.

Bilight is a Italian fabric. Bilight is a intriguing fabric it doesn’t curl or fray. It can be used for lining bras that are all rigid lace. To do this cut out your pattern pieces then trim 2 or 3mm off all edges. This stops the lining bagging and wrinkling inside your bra,  that would be uncomfortable.

It can be used to make no see panties. No need to use elastic in the leg holes right waist . How to create the pantie gusset with bilight. Alter a pantie pattern so the front back and outer gusset are one piece. You will have two outer pieces. Cut out these pieces, your pantie crotch liner.  Using your front piece and crotch lining right sides together, sew the crotch side. Turn right side out you should have a crotch sewn in. Sew back seam. Put the pantie back with the front piece lining up the gusset back against the back pantie piece right sides together.  Well done all you need to do is thread your threads into the seam. You should have a finished pair of no see panties.






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