Kit of the month

Alluring pretty Rose lace and sculpted lingerie satin. Perfect for that summer creation. Let your creativeness begin...

Rose lace 16cm x 1m

Sculptured lingerie satin 65cm x 75cm 

pink sheer cup lining 65cm x 75cm 

Powernet 30cm x 50cm

Bra strap 13mm,15mm,18mm x 1.1m

Underband 13mm x 1.1m

Arm elastic 1.25m x 10mm 

Framilon x 1m 

wirecasing x 10mm x 1m
hook and eye 13mm, 15mm, 18mm 

2x3, 3x3,3x3 hook and eye

rings and slides to match in Rose gold

1 rose bow