Beige Arches Bra Kit


Beige Arches bra kit

This kit contains lining as well as simplex. The simplex is really soft but has a little give in both directions hence the lining being added. The Forster Rohna embroidered mesh 


Skintone Forster Rohna embroidered mesh 14cm x 75cm

Beige simplex 35cm x 153cm 

Beige cup lining 40cm x 142cm

Beige Powernet 30cm x 50 cm

Beige strap elastic 13mm x 1.1m

Beige arm elastic 10mm x 1.25m

Beige Band elastic 17mm x 1.1m

Baby pink wirecasing 10mm x 1m

Clear elastic for top of cup 1m

Beige hook and eye 3x3 55mm

Gold Rings and slides 13mm

Beige rosette 


Suitable for a bra with a cup piece going horizontal across top of cup

No wires or pattern included in the kit

This is not a finished item