Schmetz black Ultra thin needles

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Black ultra thin machine needles by Schmetz

Black Super Fine needles with a slim medium ball point; the very slim needle design and smooth non-stick coating ensure particularly gentle handling of sensitive materials and reduced adhesion on the needle; for very fine, delicate and lightweight fabrics such as silk, organza and voile, even in combination with adhesive stabilizers. Suitable for bra making.

The Black Super Fine needle with its special properties is a great alternative to normal machine needles giving high demands on delicate sewing.

The nonstick coating ensures that the needle glides better, thereby making sure that delicate, fine and lightweight fabrics are handled with care. It also ensures that the thread glides smoothly through the eye.

The slim needle design prevents material damage and the special scarf supports secures stitch formation which helps preventing 

The Black Line was named after its black non-stick coating, which reduces adhesive residue on the needle and ensures that the needle glides better. New products are the Black Super Stretch needle (HAx1 SP SU) and the Black Super Fine needle (130/705 H-SU XS). 

Black Super Fine

  • Sizes: 60/8, 70/10.
  • Colour Code: None.
  • Coating: Nonstick.
  • Point Shape: Slim, slightly rounded point.
  • Key Feature: Special scarf.
  • Key Feature: Slim needle design.